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The Australian Fossickers Association
The Australian Fossickers Association is a non-profit organisation. The aim of the Association is to promote the awareness, collection and preservation of Australian Gemstones, Minerals and Fossils.

The Carolina Geological Society
The purpose of the Society is to promote the geosciences, encourage the study of earth sciences, promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation among the members, encourage research in the earth sciences and encourage publication of research results.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society
The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals. The society was founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1993.

The Forsyth Gem & Mineral Club
The Forsyth Gem & Mineral Club(FGMC)was established in the early 1970's as a combination of the Forsyth Mineral Club and the Winston-Salem Gem Club. We like rocks. (More history coming soon) Members, we are waiting for your pictures, links, and articles

The Georgia Mineral Society, Inc.
A Non-Profit Educational Organization "We are a completely volunteer organization dedicated to educating the youth of the state and the members of this Society in the field of Earth Sciences."

The Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society
The Maine Mineralogical & Geological Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to all educational and cultural aspects of geology, mineralogy, lapidary arts and related subjects, and to the camaraderie generated by the membership's ...

The Mineral Society of Manitoba
The Mineral Society of Manitoba hosts monthly meetings covering a variety of mineral related topics. In addition, the Mineral Society organizes summer field trips to collecting localities, and hosts educational exhibits about minerals and fossils.

The Mineralogical Society
The Society, instituted in 1876, has the general object of advancing the knowledge of the science of mineralogy and its application to other subjects including crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, environmental science and economic geology.

The Mineralogical Society of Southern Africa
The Mineralogical Society of Southern Africa had its humble beginnings in the Sombrero Restaurant in 1964. Since then it has grown and now has its own clubhouse in Goede Hoop Street, Bothasig (Cape Town)

The Niagara Peninsula Geological Society
The Niagara Peninsula Geological Society (NPGS) has been operating as a non-profit society since 1962. Our goal is to bring people together who are interested in collecting rocks, minerals, fossils, and jewelry making.

Promoting, Educating and Representing the Interests of Nova Scotia Prospectors.

The Russell Society
The Russell Society is a society of amateur and professional mineralogists which encourages the study, recording and conservation of mineralogical sites and material.

The San Diego Mineral & Gem Society
The San Diego Gem and Mineral Society exists to help people increase their understanding and appreciation of gems, minerals and the lapidary arts. We offer classes, field trips, lectures, and regular meetings for a variety of interests.

The Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club
The Club, the longest running Lapidary Club in Great Britain, was formally established in 1958, in Edinburgh. As the membership increased over the years the Club has moved round several premises in Edinburgh and is now occupying premises at 1 News Steps.

The Vernon Lapidary & Mineral Club
The Vernon Lapidary and Mineral Club was formed February 28th, 1959. The club is a society that has around 50 members, who meet every second Wednesday of the month in the Science Centre at 7:30p.m. (except July and August).

Tidewater Gem & Mineral Society
Website for the Tidewater Gem & Mineral Society in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club
Welcome to the official site for the Toledo Gem and Rockhound Club! Here you will find information on our club's location, meetings, shows, purpose, and more. Also, anyone is welcome to visit the club. New members are always welcome!

Topeka Gem & Mineral Society
The Purpose of the Topeka Gem & Mineral Society shall be exclusively educational and scientific: to promote interest in geology and the lapidary arts. to encourage the collection and display of rocks, gems and minerals. to encourage field trips...

Tuscarora Lapidary Society
Tuscarora Lapidary Society (TLS) is chartered as a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the lapidary hobby (the cutting and polishing of gem stones), and of the arts and sciences associated with lapidary interests.

Uniun Cristallina
Beinvegni sin la homepage dalla Uniun Cristallina

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