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Minerals and fossils, MineralTown
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High quality pyrites

Mars is 'covered in table salt'

The largest fossil rodent

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Minerals from Peru
Quartz, realgar, sphalerite, pyrite, galena, orpiment
Minerals from Peru

Pyrite, Navajun
Pyrite, Navajun

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Guatemalan Jadeite

Guatemalan Jadeite

Guatemalan jade occurs in a wide variety of colors. Among the most prized being lavender, referred to as lilac or "lila" in Spanish, and blue.

Greenland Geo-Adventure Tour 2008

Greenland Geo-Adventure Tour 2008

In July of 2008 I traveled to Greenland for what may be my last venture to this remote part of the world. I have traveled there yearly since 2001 and have felt genuinely lucky that each year was as productive and safe as it was.

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Mineral Gemstones

Mineral Gemstones

Hardness and specific gravity are two of the major characteristics of gemstones. Hardness of a gemstone is its resistance to scratching and may be described relative to a standard scale of 10 minerals known as the Mohs scale...

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09/01/2016 Uncut Natural Rough Diamond, for sale
We supply the following direct from the mines, we have lots in stock and sell below current prices in market -Ethiopian welo opal rough -Ruby roug ...

18/08/2015 Diente de Carcharodon Poseidon
Diente de Carcharodon Poseidon de 4 cm. Fósil de entre 40 y 50 millones de años. Origen: Norte de Marruecos. Precio: 2 euros ...

18/08/2015 Diente de spinosaurus aegyptiacus
Diente de spinosaurus aegyptiacus auténtico (unos 90 millones de años) en venta. 4 cm de longitud. Precio: 5 euros ...

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