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Mineral photo gallery by localities and minerals. From Czech Republic and Slovakia to rest of the world.

Rocks and minerals facts. Ivy Hall School
If you like rock collecting or need a lot of information for a report on rocks and minerals, don't miss our collection in the "Rocks and Minerals" section! It's been rated as a Recommended Site by the Los Angeles Times.

Images of crystals and materials. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Minerals from Scania, Sweden.

Simkev Micromounts
Simkev Micromounts from around the world. Fine microminerals for the discriminating collector since 1979. Catalogue of micromounts and microminerals.

Simsim's Homepage
Minerals and Crystals Gallery: Japanese Minerals collected by me, Rare Element, Minerals Collection, Ordinary Minerals, Artificial Crystals, Crystal growth from water solution, Simsim's Labo...

SJR Mineral Collection
Welcome to my mineral collection! The following pages contain pictures of specimens from my personal collection. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I like to collect New Hampshire & New England minerals, and, as a specialty, I collect fluorites ...

Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society Mineral Cabinet
Here we cover subjects on minerals and mineralogy, feature minerals found on the South Coast of England, and minerals from the collections of SMFS members.

Steve's Fluorite Gallery
Steve's Fluorite Gallery is devoted to my love of fluorite specimens from all over. Here you will find pictures of fine fluorite specimens as well as informative articles pertaining to fluorite.

Stichting Geologische Kring Den Bosch Foto Gallery
In de Gallery staan eigen vondsten van mineralen, fossielen en gesteentes. Alle exemplaren zijn afkomstig van clubleden.

Stuart & Donna Wilensky Mineral Photos
Fine Minerals, new specimens are always added here at the top. This is only a small fraction of our inventory. When on the East Coast please visit our gallery with over 500 specimens of this quality on display.

SVSMF ASCMF Swiss association of searchers, collectors of minerals and fossils
Mineralien und Fossilienbilder, Fotos des minéraux et fossiles, Foto di minerali e fossili, Fotos da minerals e da fossils, Pictures of minerals and fossils.

TAK Mineral Photo Gallery
How are you enjoying your own mineral collection? Seeing specimens on display is great fun indeed. But taking pictures of stones helps you find more of their beauties!

TAK Minerals
I'm a Japanese mineral collector TAK. I now find myself taking pictures only of stones! When I saw mineral photos accumulating, I decided to put some of them online. I hope you will enjoy visiting my photo gallery.

Technische Universität Clausthal
Photographs from the famous Clausthal Mineral Collection.

The Alaska Recreational Gold Prospecting Site and Iron Fire Gold Publications
Alaska Gold Prospecting Books, Suction Dredging Information, USGS Electronic Color Topographic Maps (DRGs) on CDROM, and pictures of recreational mining activity from around Alaska.

The Arkenstone: Museum Gallery
These specimens were from the DR. EDWARD E. DAVID, JR. COLLECTION and are sorely missed...!

None of these specimens are for sale by me and may have already been sold to private collectors. The pictures are here for you to enjoy and so you can see what types of specimens come from each of the localities.

The mineral and gemstone kingdom
An interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

The Mineralogical Society
The Society, instituted in 1876, has the general object of advancing the knowledge of the science of mineralogy and its application to other subjects including crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, environmental science and economic geology.

The Polish Goldpanning Center
We have the honour to invite you to the Land of Gold. Located in the heart of Lower Silesia in Poland, it is famous not only because of gold that occurs here. It has much more to offer.

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