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En ésta web aparte de la colección privada, podrá visualizar, comprar o intercambiar fósiles. Tambien encontrará enlaces importantes y creo que imprecindibles para cualquier aficionado a los fósiles y concretamente a los trilobites.

Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur is a specialist educational company helping to motivate young people to learn more about science through their fascination with dinosaurs. We supply dinosaur models, toys and games with sales helping to support Palaeontologists...

Everything Fossils, Fossil Information for Education
An educational resource for teachers on fossils and geologic history. Topics include information on fossils, fossil formation, geologic time, fossil lesson plans and fossil activities for kids.

Evolving Earth Foundation
Welcome to the Evolving Earth Foundation! This foundation is dedicated to promoting Earth Science related education and research.

FOSILPALEOS - fósiles y meteoritos. Web dedicada al coleccionismo de fósiles y meteoritos especializada en la venta de ejemplares de mucha calidad a precios realmente muy bajos.

EXPOSICIÓN INTERNACIONAL DE MINERALES Y FOSILES, La Bolsa - Exposición se instalará dentro del recinto de la Feria Internacional de Bilbao.

Website specialising in fossil dinosaur and reptiles,mainly the jurassic and cretaceous periods: dinosaurs, mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, spinosaurus, trex, carcharodontosaurus, albertosaurus, sarchosuchus...

We specialize in low cost quality fossils and minerals for the beginning collector, students, parents, teachers, and schools.

Fossilized Tree
Large pieces of Fossilized Tree - Cut flat at the bottom then selectively ground and lapped. 4 photo views of every piece on every pallet. Sold wholesale by the pallet load and individually through stockists.

Fossil Mall is a shopping mall of independent stores of multiple fossil dealers providing collectors an: Extreme Diversity of Fossils for Sale.

FOSSILPLANET, la tienda online especializada para el coleccionista donde podrá encontrar fósiles de Calidad y colección con la mejor relación calidad-precio.

Fossils Mezane
Importers, wholesalers, distributors, traders and other businesses from around the world are in continuous contact with us. They are all looking for the same things: New and unique Fossil Marble Furniture products, quality at reasonable prices.

Gea kring Emmen, geologie, stenen, fossielen en mineralen zoeken
Stichting geologische activiteiten kring Emmen, stenen zoeken, vindplaatsen en geologie van drenthe.

GEA Stichting Geologische Aktiviteiten
Stichting Geologische Aktiviteiten

GeMin International Mineral,Gemstones,Jewellery and Fossil Fair.
In Athens , Hellas (Greece) , a Country which works fast and hard to get ready to host the OLYMPIC GAMES 2004. The Athens GeMin Fair is YOUR Mineral,Gemstones,Jewellery and Fossil Gate in Southeastern Europe

GEODE, Association for collectors and workers up of minerals and fossils
Geode is an association for collectors and processors of minerals and fossils Geode currently has about 500 members, from which 60 - 70 youth members who are active in the association. Geode publishes, except for the months July and august, a newslet

Geologische en Archeologische Werkgroep Noord-Limburg

Geology Adventures
Geology Adventures provides collecting opportunities and learning experiences to over 1000 people per year. If collecting abundant mineral specimens amid spectacular mountain scenery appeals to you, try our Spruce or Rock Candy adventures.

Geopolis : Confédération francaise des Acteurs des Sciences de la Terre
Vous êtes passionnés par les minéraux, par les fossiles ou par les Sciences de la Terre en général. Que vous soyez collectionneur indépendant, affilié à un club ou à une fédération, responsable associatif, praticien, universitaire, négociant, ou étudian.

GRINPACH, Grupo de investigaciones paleontológicas de Chile
GRINPACH, es una organización, no gubernamental, formada en Noviembre de 1986,cuyos objetivos fundamentales son Estudiar, Conservar y Exponer los materiales Paleontológicos derivados de sus propios trabajos en terreno.

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