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CRISTALM is located in Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil, a region well-know for its production of high-quality crystals. We offer you wholesaler and retailer, a variety of quartz crystals: points, balls, pyramids, pendulums, stars and all kinds of stones.

The site to guide you to the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand.

Excellent African rough gemstones. We specialize in providing excellent quality African roughs to our clients worldwide.

Crystal and minerals
Amazing Minerals For Your Collection.

Crystal Australia.Com
Suppliers of quality Crystals, Minerals & New Age Products

Crystal bazaar Slovakia
Welcome in bazaar of Zazzi s.r.o. company. We offer you many sorts of stones & jewels from Slovakia and world.

Crystal Perfection Inc.
We feature fine mineral specimens from worldwide locations, ranging from aesthetic samples for the beginning collector to pristine pieces for museums.

Crystal Seen Trading Co.
A wide variety of metaphysical crystals, jewelry and gemstones, animal wisdom and much more for your spiritual enlightenment. We are based in Mount Ida, Arkansas "The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World" where you can dig your own crystals.

Crystal Stargazer : We provide Crystals, Gemstones or Minerals chosen for their Healing properties. I am a professional Crystal Healer and I choose each Crystal or Mineral carefully according to its individual Healing properties.

Crystal Visions
Beautiful exotic metaphysical and spiritual crystal and mineral specimens and jewelry. We specialize in lemurian crystals, moldivite, and kunzite.

Here you find rare and unusual gem crystals & minerals and collector stones mostly from Burma and Vietnam! Serendibite, Painite, Pollucite, Trapiche Sapphire and Ruby, Petalite, Phenakite, Baddeleyite, Jeremejevite Spinel and much more ...

Crystals and minerals of Mexico
Welcome to the FluorEssence website. We are based in Austin, Texas, but we spend quite a bit of time in Mexico, finding and selecting the crystals we now offer to you.

Custom Creative Gem Cutting
Custom Creative offers gem cutting services specializing in opal and fire agate. Custom cabochons, faceting, and inlay. Custom jewelry and repair. also loose gemstones including black opal, mexican opal, boulder opal, & gem quality fire agate.


Dakota Matrix Minerals
Minerals specimens for sale for the mineral collector, rockhound, hobbyist, researcher, and educator from worldwide localities, South Dakota, USA, Europe and Asia. Visa and Mastercard excepted.

Daniel Comtois Quebec Minerals
The year 2002 was good in collecting even if my work kept me away from the quarries still i have found exquisite specimens from Mont. St-Hilaire. As soon as i can i will offer you some orange serandite, superb quartz and many more and from Asbestos ...

Dave Bunk Minerals
OK, we've got Namibian aquamarine, brazilianite, sapphire, and updated galleries. If we're not careful we might actually get this thing under control. Enjoy the new galleries.

David K. Joyce Minerals
Canadian Minerals, International Sulphides, Sulphosalts, Native Elements, and Rare Minerals. Amazing gold specimens from Goldcorp Inc.'s Red Lake Mine, the richest gold mine in North America. My inventory is different than most mineral dealers!

Dead bug in Amber club
Visit THE AMBER BAZAAR to satisfy your desire for amber: See the bizarre and eerie trapped in their golden tomb,Flash forward to see a list of Dominican amber for sale, New Jersey amber insects for sale,List of Dinosaur aged amber from Myanmar (Burma)

Derrys Jade & Gems
JADE ... "The Stone of Heaven", dates back thousands of years. The ancient Chinese used this versatile Gemstone for ornaments, ceremonial ikons, burial pieces, clothing adornments, and of course beautiful jewellery.

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