Needed equipment to collect minerals

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Needed equipment to collect minerals
Equipment needed to begin a mineral collection will have to allow us to identify and classify the samples that we find in our excursions.

Needed equipment to collect minerals

Initially the equipment needed to begin a mineral collection will have to allow us to identify and classify the samples that we find in our excursions. Basically one will be the following equipment:

A notepad and a pencil that we will use to write down the date, the place, and commentaries on the excursion and the mineral samples that we have found. It is recommendable to number each of the found samples, as well as to make a card where we will indicate which mineral is and which are their more interesting characteristics.

A magnifying glass that we will use to observe those smaller details, facilitating to us therefore the identification of minerals.

In order to arrive at the place where we will begin the search of minerals can occasionally be necessary the use of a map and of a compass, although it is recommendable in the first exits to go accompanied by other expert collectors who already know the place. The equipment that we take will have to be the simplest possible, one knapsack full can be very heavy. For the collection of the samples we will need:

A newspaper in order to surround the units and thus to avoid that they are deteriorated and they spoil.

A geologist hammer, or a hammer and a cold chissel or rock chissel, can be essential when you have to break the rock to obtain the mineral samples that are wanted to gather.

A protective goggles to protect the eyes of those possible little fragments that take place when the rocks are broken with the hammer.

Gloves to avoid wounded and courteous in the hands when manipulating rocks.

A knapsack to load and to take all the tools and the mineral samples found.

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If the search of samples is not made to opened sky, but that it becomes in a mine, then we should have certain considerations. Not to go alone, you should always go accompanied, being recommendable that all the group don't enter into the mine and somebody remain waiting outside.

The mines that are not in operation are used to undergoing a serious deterioration and in some cases a real risk of collapse can exist, is due to carry far the precautions to the maximum.

For the mineral search within a mine we will need the following tools:

A helmet to protect the head of possible landslides, blows with the ceiling of the mine, etc.

A lantern will be essential to be able to see and to be able to advance in the penumbra of the mine.

A helmet light can allow to take the free hands, moreover to illuminate always just in the point where we are glancing at.