Notes on mineral collecting

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Notes on mineral collecting
One very easy and practical way to begin the collection is acquiring a mineral box, already prepared, it contains a set of samples of the most common minerals.

Notes on mineral collecting

Starting a mineral collection

In order to begin any type of collection the first step usually it is necessary to have a guide or catalogue which allow us to identify and to order the pieces that will be part of our collection. In the case of mineral collecting the most advisable it is to acquire a book about rocks and minerals in which surely we will find everything what we need to know to be able to recognize and to classify our minerals. When we already got the knowledge we are ready to begin to obtain mineral samples for our collection, in order to get them we can make some field trips to well-known deposits (the first time it is very recommendable to go always accompanied by an expert collector) or we can acquire these samples to expert retailers.

One way very easy and practical to begin the collection is acquiring a mineral box, already prepared, it contains a set of samples of the most common minerals. These appear perfectly identified with their names, which can help us to identify them if the next time we find some of them.

Another advantage of this type of collection is that it is easily expandable acquiring other boxes that contain different samples of minerals or acquiring these minerals from individually.

In fact It is very common to find in the minerals stores and shops samples in the typical small 4x4 cm. cardboard boxes which allow us to increase the variety of minerals in our collection in a very economic way.

It is also possible to find in the specialized stores empty cardboard boxes of different measures or transparent plastic boxes that allow good conservation of minerals.

Storage and conservation of minerals

One of the most important aspects that must be considered in the beginnings of a mineral collection is refered to its storage and conservation. When the collection is evolving the number and variety of mineral units that composes it's increasing, this can suppose the necessity to have different types of plastic and cardboard boxes for its suitable storage and conservation according to the characteristics of each specimen.

Caixes de plàstic per col·lecionar minerals
Caixa rectangular per minerals més grossos
The plastic boxes makes easy the conservation of our minerals being a great solution in those cases that we have delicate minerals or with great amount of crystals that are susceptible to be deteriorate or to be broken.

In addition they facilitate the observation of the piece from all his angles without necessity to touch it directly, being ideal to be ordered in boxes or exposed in our collection display cabinet.

The boxes can be acquired in square or rectangular form, with white or black base, and great variety of measures from 30x30x28 mm, 40x40x39 mm, 60x60x61 mm, 39x34x30 mm, 60x45x42 mm to 135x65x80 mm or 180x120x88 mm

Crocoite specimen (from Australia) in a plastic box wich is the ideal conservation way

Plastic boxes for mineral collectors :

Special supports for the right exhibition of minerals in display cabinets, bookcases and tables permit to show our mineral specimens in a position that facilite the observation to emphasize their prettier details at the same time will provide a support base that assures their stability thus avoiding possible accidents that would suppose their deterioration.

Exist different types of supports being remarkable those dedicated specially to the support of mineral eggs and spheres ideal to exhibit these so beautiful and decorative objects.


Mineral specimen stands :

One more advanced collection

Frequently as the collection is growing usually it is increasing the number of species according with the size of the minerals that we like to collect, with the time besides to continue our collection of 4x4 cm. size samples this it will evolve with the incorporation of great size minerals, it is habitual in this stage of the collection the construction or acquisition of a display cabinet or bookcase where to be able to expose and to admire the pieces of our collection.

It is important to consider that doesn't exist many deposits where to go to look for minerals (in fact there are less every day) and moreover there usually it is difficult to find good samples. In addition to not forgetting that not always these deposits are near our homes and that sometimes is not easy to visit them due to the danger that entails the access to any type of mining operation. Without a doubt if we want to arrange our collection with a certain good mineral specimen whose better deposit is in Brazil, India, EUA or in Africa we will have to acquire it to a professional mineral retailer. These minerals can be acquired by individual specimens and in some cases the own specimen incorporates its own support with its name and source deposit, which still more grants a distinguished set to our collection.

The last step in our collection

After years and years of collection and have acquired wide knowledge of mineralogy and of all related to the world of minerals, the last step that usually is done in the natural evolution of a mineral collection it's the specialization of the collection, someone decide on collecting fluorescent minerals, others by micromount, systematic collection, minerals of Europe, or even usually collects mineral unit of the same specie such as calcite, fluorite or quartz of deposits located anywhere of the world.

Often in addition of the units of the collection the collectors have many other good units that have found in their field trips or came from swaps with other collectors. Many expert collectors with good specimens are used to sell their specimens in minerals shows or fairs, in their own stores or shops, or through a Web site.

Minerals: a great gift

Besides to collect them, the minerals can be a very original and special gift due to their natural beauty and the intensity and luminosity of their colors. The mineral specimens are a good gift for collectors because they will appreciate his value beyond his aspect. But we also can give minerals that previously have been worked as a very appropriate gift for any type of person. The minerals can be found in ring, necklaces, slopes, bracelets, pendants, key rings, paperweight, table games or even clocks.