Blue amber

Blue amber

Author: Hermann K. Dittrich R.D.
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Blue amber is only found in one country: here in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic

If you want to buy Dominican blue amber, we are here in Jacagua, Santiago directly at the foot of the mountain where blue amber is found with the best contacts into the mine to serve you the best we can.
Blue amber nugget

There are several theories about the origin of the color and it is not fully understood what causes the blue color in amber. We know that it is a result of fluorescence and no solid color. Ultra-violet or violet light is re-emitted as blue or green light attributed to the presence of poly-nuclear aromatic molecules. (Gemology, Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr., Robert C. Kammerling)

This makes a lot of sense, because the best way to test blue amber is placing it under an ultra-violet lamp which intensifies the color to a radiant cobalt-blue. And, we have noticed that blue amber can be recognized by a very agreeable smell (aromatic molecules), which is different from regular amber when it is being cut and polished.

Dominican blue amber

One theory links the color in Dominican blue amber to the occurrence of volcanic ash or dust which was present when the resin was first pressed out from hymenaea protera millions of years ago.

Another suggests that due to volcanic activity hot lava must have flown over those areas where regular amber was buried under ground. Due to the extreme heat, the amber changed its color first to green and then to blue. Experiments have shown that a changes of colour occur when normal amber is heated up.
Blue amber

While the mystery around the origin of its color has not been cleared, one thing is sure: Blue Amber is beautiful and it is extremely rare.

We of AmbarAzul sell it to you directly from the place of its very origin.Rolando's crew

And - of course - besides the blue, we also have rough amber in regular amber colors and all those special colors like green and blood red, as they are only found in Dominican Amber.

At Santiago, in San Domingo, in the valley of the brook Acagua, amber pieces, some as large as the egg of a goose, reward the explorer.'

J.G. Haddow, 1891
(Patty Rice: Amber -
the Golden Gem of the Ages)

The Location

Blue amber is found in the mountain region north of Santiago de los Caballeros.

Just to give you an idea, let's take a trip to a Dominican amber mine hidden away
in a foggy little tropical valley.
Over the mountains

Pedro Minero
road 4x4 needed

It's just good to have a 4x4.
And not only during raining season...

road 4x4

But even this does not go all the way...



Finally we get to the mine.


miners   mining blue amber

Although the miners even risk their lifes, most of what is found are just small pieces not worth
to work under these extreme primitive and dangerous conditions.

larger one is unearthed

How happy they are when a larger one is unearthed!

at the office

Welcome to our 'private office'!

The miner's "electronic" scale seems to be the only one they trust.
miner's scale    miner's scale

Not every day such an
exceptionally large found is made.
This beauty is fit for a museum.
Be proud of it!

museum specimen    museum specimen

Royal Blue amber

And blue amber is VERY rare.
But VERY beautiful.

Look at what we have for you.

Rough Blue amber

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Ambar azul - Blue amber


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