Expominer 2015 - International mineral, fossil and jewellery exhibition in Barcelona

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Expominer 2015 - Barcelona


Entrada Expominer

Feria Expominer

Feria Expominer

Feria Expominer

Grup mineraḷgic Català


Expominer 2015

Looking for gold

Suresh Ramgopal Pande and Joan Carol

Some exhibitors
Rosell Minerals  Sparkminerals.com  Minerals from Morocco  Minerals from Morocco  Minerals from Bulgaria

Some minerals
Calcite  Calcite  Sphalerite  Green fluorite  Quartz

Geode  Geode  Ludlamite  Plancheite  Plancheite

Barite  Vanadinite  Vanadinite  Vanadinite  Vanadinite

Malachite  Malachite  Barite  Barite  Barite

Malachite  Amethyst  Fluorite and Barite  Galena  Quartz

Fluorite  Fluorite  Fluorite  Barite  Antimonite

Green gypsum  Quartz  minerals  minerals  minerals

minerals  minerals  minerals  minerals  minerals

minerals  Native copper  Native copper  Calcites  Quartz

Some fossils
fossils  fossils  fossils  fossils  fossils

fossils  fossils  fossils  fossils  fossils

fossils  Coprolito tortuga  fossils  fossils  fossils

Some gemstones

Gemstones  Gemstones  Gemstones  Gemstones  Gemstones

Other interesting stuff

Amber  Amber  Amber  Colored geodes  Colored geodes

Salt lamps  Carved animals  Strange rocks  Strange rocks  Strange rocks

Meteorites  Meteorites  Meteorites  Meteorites  Lapidary rough