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Amber: Window to the Past

This remarkable book explores the unique properties of amber (fossilized tree resin) that have intrigued people the world over. First published for the hugely popular 1996 exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, this book reveals amber's role in tracing evolutionary history and its use in decorative arts and jewelry.




Barren Lands: An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic

The amazing story of how in 1996 one ragtag team of prospectors, led by Chuck Fipke and Stew Blusson, risked life and limb to find the biggest diamond mine in North America. Welcome to the most remote, lifeless, dangerous landscape in North America, the Barren Lands: swarming biting insects, freezing bitter cold, grizzlies, and a lifeless landscape where nothing grows but lichen. In fact one person does NOT come back alive.

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Books on minerals by mineral name from E to L

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