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Portable Geologist's 4 Watt Shortwave/Longwave UV Lamp

This Portable Geologist's 4 Watt Shortwave/Longwave UV Lamp is for both longwave ultraviolet light and shortwave ultraviolet light sensitive fluorescent minearls. The most versatile & powerful portable ultraviolet lamp on the market today with a full 4 watts of UV power. Incorporates Raytech's exclusive lifetime filters. The Story of Fluorescence, an engaging 60-page explanation of fluorescence with a guide to applications in mineralogy and an outline for industrial and scientific uses and 22 pages of fluorescent mineral identifications is included.

Portable Geologist's 4 Watt Shortwave/Longwave UV Lamp

Streamlight 68202 ProPolymer 4AA Flashlight with 7 Ultra Bright ffffff LEDs

  • Compactflashlight featuring 7 ultra bright ffffff LEDs and tailcap switching

  • Constructed of yellow, waterproof, non-conductive thermoplastic, Class 1 Div 1 listed

  • Run time of up to 155 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries

  • Weighs 6.3 ounces

FoxFury 400-009 Performance Tactical Headlamp

  • Powerful 24 LED Headlamp with Ultrabright LEDs and an Adjustable Beam Angle

  • Lightweight, Ergonomic, Low Profile, Tiltable light

  • Works best for primarily up close (< 20 ft / < 6m) activities

  • Now with 4 Ultrabright LEDs in Center for Enhanced Focused Vision

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