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Blog de ciencia y tecnología. Con entradas interesantes cómo COLTAN, EL ORO GRIS.

Fire Agate Information, Gemstones & Lapidary Rough Shopping Site
Providing quality fire agate gemstones, lapidary carving gem rough, mineral specimens, cabochons and jewelry for the retail and wholesale markets. Online information, shopping, and resource guides for fire agates.

Caraterístiques generals: El nom: del llatí fluere, fluir. De vegades quant s'il.lumina amb raig ultraviolat emet una llum visible característica. Jaciments: El Bruc, Porrera, Sant Cugat del Vallès, al Papiol ...

Forum de géologie, minéraux et fossiles
The forum of Geology at www.geoforum.fr. Geoforum is a space devoted to discussions of Earth Sciences, the Geological Heritage in the community life around the geology or geological events. Reference site in its field in France ;-).

Friends of Mineralogy
We are collectors, professionals, and curators who share a love of mineral specimens and the desire to promote understanding and appreciation of mineralogy.

Gem Sutra
information about gemstones, diamonds, jewelry and high end watches. Basics of Gemstones Explained

Gemmes de la peninsula iberica
Web que descriu les gemmes de la peninsula iberica i l´exposició al Museu de Geologia de Barcelona en catala, castella, i angles. Descriu alguns dels materials gemmologics de Espanya i Portugal, així com jaciments de tota la peninsula.

GEMMOLOGIE, Minéralogie, paléontologie :: WWW.GEMINTEREST.COM
gemmologues et gemmologie, découvrez, étudiez, parlez.... de gemmes

Gemstones of Jewelry
Cynthia Khan’s Information about Gemstones & Rock Minerals in Jewelry

Geode State Park
Geode State Park is one of the most scenic and popular picnicking spots in southeast Iowa. "Hey! Come on, we're going out to Geode!" This is repeated time after time in southeast Iowa as families and friends pack picnic baskets and swimsuits ...

French Encyclopedia of Structural Geology, Mineralogy, Plate Tectonics, underground, volcanoes, fossils, earthquakes, speleology, quarries, catacombs of paris, mines, minelamps, evolution, life sciences...


Gold Prospecting Videos
The following links are Quicktime movies of prospecting for Gold in Alaska during Summer of 1997. All movies are from the Central Mining District in Alaska.

Gold Prospecting Web Site
The First Italian Web Site dedicated to Gold Prospectors. IL Primo Sito Web Italiano dedicato ai Cercatori d'ORO.

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial
Part 1: Gold! An Era Remembered, Part 2: At Work & Play, Part 3: Chasing a Dream, Part 4: A Lasting Impact, Resources: Learning More: Gold Rush Timeline ... Recommended Reading ... Historical Societies.

Granat, Smaragd und andere Alpine Mineralien
Herzlich willkommen auf der Granat - Homepage von Christian Hausen. Diese Homepage soll in erster Linie über die berühmte Granatfundstelle im Ötztal informieren, andererseits mich und meine Sammlertätigkeit vorstellen...

Guide des Pierres précieuses du Brésil: Guide du vendeur et de l'acheteur.
Fascination. Mystère. Attraction. Rêve. Bonheur. Santé. En deux mots, une pierre précieuse. Depuis des millénaires, ces pierres ne cessent de plaire et de fasciner ceux qui les possèdent ou les convoitent.

Hillman Hall of Minerals & Gems, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
"Minerals should be enjoyed for their sheer beauty as well as their educational value." Masterpiece Gallery, Pseudomorphs, Pennsylvania Minerals, Minerals of the former USSR, Gemstones, Systematic Collection ...

L'Istituto Valtellinese di Mineralogia "Fulvio Grazioli" è stato creato nel 1991 da un gruppo di amici dello scomparso prof. Fulvio Grazioli (vedi note storiche) allo scopo di: ...

La Val di Scalve, offre al turista note di cultura e di storia locale, testimoniate nel Museo Etnografico e da numerose pubblicazioni come l’antica repubblica di Scalve di don Ettore Bonaldi; ma per chi sa apprezzare e amare, offre anche una natura...

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