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YupRocks.com is dedicated to bringing you quality, high-resolution pictures of rocks and minerals. We provide information in the form of photography that allow visitors to better equip themselves for field identification of rock and mineral specimens.

Welcome to the home page of www.perlite.net! Here you will find information about what perlite is and its many and varied applications.

Washington Minerals
Localities and Photo Gallery by county. county index: CHELAN, CLALLAM, JEFFERSON, KING, MASON, OKANOGAN, SNOHOMISH.

Utah Rockhounds
Dedicated To Furthering The Arts And Education Relating To Rockhounding & Earth Science. Mineral Collectors of Utah, Utah Gold Prospecting, Gem & Mineral Shows In Utah & Surrounding States, Gem & Mineral Clubs Around Utah ...

Utah Rock Hounding
Providing information on Utah rockhounding sites. Find information on Topaz mountain, the Dugway Geode beds, Trilobites and much more.

USGS Photo glossary of volcano terms: Rhyolite
Rhyolite is a light-colored rock with silica (SiO2) content greater than about 68 weight percent. Sodium and potassium oxides both can reach about 5 weight percent.

Turquoise Mines and Stones | Turquoise History and Facts
Turquoise mines have operated for thousands of years across the globe. Learn more about the turquoise mines producing the most sought-after stones.

Top 50 Gem & Mineral Sites
Top 50 Gem and Mineral Web Sites.

The Recreational Gold Prospecting and Mining Page
Welcome to recreational gold prospectors everywhere and to those who are interested in recreational gold mining and prospecting. You won't dig up any gold nuggets here but you may find some useful "nuggets" of information.

The Polish Goldpanning Center
We have the honour to invite you to the Land of Gold. Located in the heart of Lower Silesia in Poland, it is famous not only because of gold that occurs here. It has much more to offer.

The Minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, Sussex County, New Jersey
This paper contains descriptions of 148 minerals, many of which, of course, are of slight importance and require but brief notes. Minerals seen only as essential constituents of the local rocks are not included.

The mineral and gemstone kingdom
An interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

The Giant Crystal Project Site
The Giant Crystal Project researchs and documents world wide occurences of giant crystals and large minerals aggregates.

The catalogue of Minerals
The catalogue of Minerals | Descriptions and photos of minerals by Russia

The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Geology
This guide shows you exactly how to mine your own backyard for treasures and cultivate a lifelong hobby. It’s the perfect mix of fun in the sun and good, old-fashioned learning, so amateur geology is a great way to keep kids occupied.

The Australian Mineral Collector
Welcome to our Australian Mineral Collector Web Site where we hope to gather all relevant mineral collecting information on Australia into one place for easy access.

In Australia there is a vast range of conditions in which gold can be found, including dry river beds, deserts, flowing creeks and major rivers.

The Alaska Recreational Gold Prospecting Site and Iron Fire Gold Publications
Alaska Gold Prospecting Books, Suction Dredging Information, USGS Electronic Color Topographic Maps (DRGs) on CDROM, and pictures of recreational mining activity from around Alaska.

TAK Minerals
I'm a Japanese mineral collector TAK. I now find myself taking pictures only of stones! When I saw mineral photos accumulating, I decided to put some of them online. I hope you will enjoy visiting my photo gallery.

Taiwan Fossils and Minerals web
Inside this web, you will find some exotic Chinese Fossils and Taiwan Minerals that you don't see very often in other web sites. Please enjoy yourself.

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