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Rodocrosita: Artesanías, cabujones, piedras talladas, piedras en bruto, coleccionistas, trofeos, fuentes, lamparas, anillos, aros, dijes, pulseras, péndulos, pirámides, rosarios, alhajeros.

Explore the impact of the gold rushes on Australia and uncover the stories of the diggers at SBS GOLD! The topics below detail the varied results of the gold rushes on the young colonies of Australia.

Scottish agates
Celebrating the beauty of agates from Scotland. Large list of localities.

Servidor de Familia Araguz
Encontrareis una serie de fotografias de minerales y fósiles de localidades Españolas y de otros paises, espero que la visita sea de vuestro agrado. Soy Santiago Araguz aficionado coleccionista y buscador de minerales y fosiles , pertenezco al G.M.C

Sharing My Obsession With Moldavite With You
We collect and sell genuine, quality Moldavite crystals, including the Besednice `hedgehog´ from the Czech Republic to healers, and collectors.

Simsim's Homepage
Minerals and Crystals Gallery: Japanese Minerals collected by me, Rare Element, Minerals Collection, Ordinary Minerals, Artificial Crystals, Crystal growth from water solution, Simsim's Labo...

Spathfluor.com est l'expression d'une passion pour le monde de la mine, de la fluorine. Incitation au voyage, le livre de la mine de Valzergues qui lui est consacré vous emmène à la découverte de ce mineral peu connu du grand public.

Steve's Fluorite Gallery
Steve's Fluorite Gallery is devoted to my love of fluorite specimens from all over. Here you will find pictures of fine fluorite specimens as well as informative articles pertaining to fluorite.

Steve's Web Site
Non-commercial educational site covering geological features of the mid-Atlantic region (USA), mineral and fossil collecting in the mid-Atlantic region, geology of Iceland, geology of the Kimberley, Australia, and much more.

Strahlen (.org)
Strahlen (.org): Whoami? Whythissite?, What do you want?, Localities, Want free subdomain?, My mineralogy articles, Links, Books, Tips&trucs, Climbing, Kopke, Search, Swap?, Stamps, Disclaimer, Museums, Underground, Analysing and much more...

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
Own your own crystal mine (how to become a starving miner), Digging crystal (where to, how to, what to), Cleaning crystal (tips, tricks and techniques) Buying crystal direct from the mine (points, clusters, metaphysical, unique & unusual).

Taiwan Fossils and Minerals web
Inside this web, you will find some exotic Chinese Fossils and Taiwan Minerals that you don't see very often in other web sites. Please enjoy yourself.

TAK Minerals
I'm a Japanese mineral collector TAK. I now find myself taking pictures only of stones! When I saw mineral photos accumulating, I decided to put some of them online. I hope you will enjoy visiting my photo gallery.

The Alaska Recreational Gold Prospecting Site and Iron Fire Gold Publications
Alaska Gold Prospecting Books, Suction Dredging Information, USGS Electronic Color Topographic Maps (DRGs) on CDROM, and pictures of recreational mining activity from around Alaska.

In Australia there is a vast range of conditions in which gold can be found, including dry river beds, deserts, flowing creeks and major rivers.

The Australian Mineral Collector
Welcome to our Australian Mineral Collector Web Site where we hope to gather all relevant mineral collecting information on Australia into one place for easy access.

The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Geology
This guide shows you exactly how to mine your own backyard for treasures and cultivate a lifelong hobby. It’s the perfect mix of fun in the sun and good, old-fashioned learning, so amateur geology is a great way to keep kids occupied.

The catalogue of Minerals
The catalogue of Minerals | Descriptions and photos of minerals by Russia

The Giant Crystal Project Site
The Giant Crystal Project researchs and documents world wide occurences of giant crystals and large minerals aggregates.

The mineral and gemstone kingdom
An interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

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